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Paypal address:

Bitcoin address: 12rYKfbukWm5D9tKf192pi94j36zAMmbxQ

If you wish to use the illustrations on this site, you may contact me directly. or

Simply contact me with a list of image numbers you wish to use. They are delivered via email after payment. Dropbox or other means of delivery can be arranged. See pricing below…


All illustrations are priced between $2.50 - $20 depending upon complexity. I can give you your final total after you provide me with a list of images. After payment, I will email them to you directly. Payment made via Paypal or Bitcoin.

Use of Watermarked Images:

You may use the watermarked images under a trust system. Simply pay $1 USD to (paypal), or pay $1 USD to the Bitcoin Address: 12rYKfbukWm5D9tKf192pi94j36zAMmbxQ