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Orange Man Vector Illustrations Collection (472 Items Downloadable), 90% Discount

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This is a collection of the original Orange Man illustrations, that were created in Vector (.eps) format before I took the character to 3d.

The orange men vector illustrations are an iconic series that has been used all over the internet. Perhaps there most interesting use was as the mascot of WikiAnswers. The little orange people have also been seen in designs used by WalMart and Microsoft. But really, why all this corporate namedropping? Its not necessary for these icons.

The orange people are just cute. That is why they are one of the iconic icon-people populating the internet. These little orange people have become an internet classic since they are so very old, being from the early 2000's.

Thankfully they are in mint condition. The pixels have not faded over time. This means they are as lively now as they were over 10 years ago.


  • The "Orange Man" in no way relates to Donald Trump.
  • These icons have been systematically removed from Microstock. Increasing their value.
  • They are good looking at both small and large size.
  • Their backstory is both sad and happy, but mostly orange.
  • The entire "design mascot" multicolor 3d versions are descended from these little guys. These are the originals.